How Insurer Values Case

Indianapolis personal injury attorneyUnderstanding How Insurance Companies Value Cases

Clients of an Indianapolis personal injury attorney often ask how the insurance companies goes about valuing a particular case. This information is very important to know before proceeding in the evaluation process.

An Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Will Explain How A Case’s Value Is Determined

Your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer will tell you that the process can be complex. When a claim is made, the claims supervisor or manager will have an amount of money placed aside as the possible value of your claim. This is generally known as “reserves.” As a case moves forward, this amount can be adjusted. For a case that is more serious, these reserves might equate to the policy limits. These are the amounts that are outside the limits of liability in the policy of the individual or individuals who are believed to have been the cause of your injuries.

Your Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Will Explain What Information The Insurer Will Track

The insurer will track the medical expenses, how much money you’ve lost from being unable to work, whether your injuries are permanent and other issues. The evidence that is being presented for the case will also be examined as will how much liability is your responsibility and if you have suffered previous injuries to the same body part.  From here, you Indianapolis personal injury attorney will help you track this information, helping your case to run more smoothly.

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