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If you have been injured, you need an experienced attorney and advocate on your side.

An injury can cause a dramatic change in your life, and you may experience significant emotional, financial and physical stress. We are here to fight for what you deserve during this difficult time. We strive to obtain the best possible results for each and every client. With over fifty years of combined experience, we have the skill, knowledge, and resources to handle your case competently and efficiently.

We are committed to protecting the legal rights of all consumers, patients, and victims of accidents. We handle cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury, defective products and dangerous prescription drugs. Our core philosophy is that every victim has a voice. Let us ensure your voice is heard. Please contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Personal Injury Attorney Get the Best Result in Your Case

Your Indianapolis personal injury attorney can be a valuable asset to your case, but you should not expect him to win the case all by himself. You must meet obligations or expectations on your end to assist him with the case. Here are 8 things you can do to facilitate the optimal outcome in your […]

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Adjuster Red Flags

The insurance adjuster will be looking out for specific red flags that may indicate an inflated or fraudulent claim. Your Indianapolis personal injury attorney has described some of these red flags below. Medical Employees Cases involving individuals who work in the medical field are often scrutinized more closely by adjusters due to the claimant’s medical knowledge. This […]

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