Adjuster Red Flags

The insurance adjuster will be looking out for specific red flags that may indicate an inflated or fraudulent claim. Your Indianapolis personal injury attorney has described some of these red flags below.

Medical Employees

Cases involving individuals who work in the medical field are often scrutinized more closely by adjusters due to the claimant’s medical knowledge. This knowledge could be used to bolster a claim.

Occupations with Accident Knowledge

Claimants who are employed as police officers or other similar positions are assumed to have a broad knowledge of auto accidents. Thus, these individuals could make easy money with false accidents solely to collect a settlement.

Union Members

There are law firms that are known to represent union members who are then referred to medical providers with reputations for giving the diagnosis and professional opinion desired by the plaintiff’s attorney. These types of claims have the possibility of making the insurance adjuster suspicious.

Rental Cars

If a rental car is involved in a solo accident with no witnesses, the assumption is that there is foul play. It is especially concerning when there is a high valued claim for cargo or the plaintiff is going after the car’s manufacturer and the rental company.

File Your Injury Claim with an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it is important for the sake of your case to avoid these red flags. A knowledgeable Indianapolis personal injury attorney can help. Call Vernon J. Petri & Associates. today at (800) 486-4450 or (317) 780-6610 for more information.


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