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Construction Accident Injury

Indianapolis Construction Accident LawyerConstruction Accident Injury

One cannot stress enough how extremely dangerous working at a construction site can be. Even TV shows and magazines would rate construction workers as having one of the riskiest jobs in the country. An estimated 35 out of every 100,000 construction workers suffer fatalities on the job every year.


Resources explain that among the possible construction site accidents, the most common is falling. More deaths in the workplace result from this accident than others. What else can cause a construction accident injury? It may be  fires, welding accidents, gas explosions, cutting accidents, contact with objects, or misuse of construction equipment. The Center to Protect Workers Rights mention that more than 150,000 non-fatal injuries in construction sites were reported in 2003, and these figures continue to grow in the present.


If you have a construction accident injury, what should you do? Because you as a worker have rights, your employer has the liability to support you in times of emergencies. A construction accident injury lawyer should help you out in determining just compensation as well as benefits that you and your family should  receive.
The construction industry in the United States is one that has a high demand for workers, as nearly every day new structures are being built. About five years ago, construction workers made up 7% of the work force of the country. As of the year 2006, in the state of Florida alone, there were an estimated 7.2 million employees in this industry.


Vernon Petri - Construction-Injury-LawyerWith a tough job such as this, you can only imagine the risks these workers face on daily basis. According to many sources, construction workers are ranked within the Top 10 of most dangerous jobs in America. AOL Jobs even estimates a fatality rate of 35 out of every 100,000. This does not include stats that mention work-related injuries of other sorts.


When you have an accident at your construction site, are you aware that your employer should be meeting your needs? Your best bet to getting the maximum compensation for your mishap is through a qualified and trained injury attorney.


Here are additional construction site injury facts for you to know: the company’s is to represent you in hearings, especially when you have been hospitalized because of your injury. Their job is to get you the maximum benefits that you and your family need, such as payment for medical expenses, employee compensation, and many others. So when you look for a construction site injury lawyer to help you out, ensure that he is certified and has experience in handling such matters.
When you choose a construction accident injury lawyer, ensure that he or she is very familiar with construction laws and benefits that employees like you are to receive. You can be ensured that you and your family will get the needed assistance in your time of need.
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