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Motorcycle Accident & Injury Lawyers

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Indianapolis Personal Injury LawyersWe cannot hide from the fact that accidents in the road do happen, and they happen daily.  If we are not careful with the way we drive, it is more likely that we may get into an accident.  Or we may be too careful in driving, but the people we meet are not.  Either way, motorcycle accidents can and will happen.  So, it is better if we guard ourselves with the knowledge on how to prevent such occurrences and what to do in case it happens.  You do not want to be left in the dark and not get the compensation that is due to you especially if you are not to blame for the whole incident.

Statistics in Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries

Most of the victims, at least 41% of about 1,200+ accidents, who were involved in motorcycle accidents were drunk or had alcohol in their blood.  What makes it worse is that most victims of motorcycle accidents did not wear their helmets, thus, sustaining more serious and fatal injuries than those who were wearing one.  These non-helmeted victims account for 49%.  Statistics show that wearing a helmet though only increases safety by about 29%.

Motorcycle accidents and collisions with another vehicle, usually automobiles, account for 75%; equipment malfunctions like a flat tire for about 3%; hard braking and sliding in curves and bends for about 66%; and 2% for roadway defects like an open manhole or uneven surface.

The sad thing is, most of the motorcycle riders who were involved in the accident were not insured, and only about 10% or less of the motorcycle owners involved in the accident were insured, insured for medical coverage and property replacement.

Being Careful is Not Enough

It does not matter if you are careful with the way you drive your motorcycle if the driver of another vehicle is not being careful with his driving.  And those who were involved in a collision with a passenger vehicle are the ones who were fatally injured and will be disabled for life or will die from his multiple injuries.  The most common reason that the drivers of the passenger vehicle give when they hit a motorcycle rider is that they did not see the motorcycle because of its size.

Handling a motorcycle is difficult.  Even though they say that riding a motorcycle is just like riding an ordinary bike, it is not so.  Not only do you have to balance yourself and the bike, but you also have to master the motorcycle’s controls.  If you go too fast especially around bends and curves, the likelihood of skidding is increased.  Injuries and fatalities are likewise increased since the motorcycle is open and cannot protect the driver sufficiently.

Motorcycle Accidents Do Happen

Yes, accidents do happen, but you should know what to do in case an incident like this happens.  You have to think quickly and preserve any evidence as this can mean winning or losing a claim.  Here are some things that you have to take note of:

You should get the contact information and details (name, address and contact numbers) of the other involved driver.  But this is not enough.  You also have to obtain the driver’s license number and check if the vehicle is registered to the driver.  If it is leased or a company car, then get the name, address and other contact information of the company or the rental company.  Obtaining the insurance information is also important.  Likewise, you also have to give the other driver all the information that you have asked from him.

Witnesses can and will make your claim credible, so make sure that you identify witnesses.  Obtain their names as well as addresses and contact numbers of their home and offices for future references.  If the witnesses refuse and involvement is an issue, then simply write down the state and plate numbers of their cars.

You can take down notes when you and the other driver are discussing the matter over.  Once the police arrives (called by you, the other involved driver or other witnesses), state the event leading up to the accident clearly and correctly.  The police will also gather information from both you and the other involved driver like speed of the vehicles, physical evidences from the area like skid mark pictures and measurements of debris, and testimonies from witnesses according to their point of views.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

First and foremost, helmets are very important.  Though it only increases your safety by about 29%, it can give you a lease on life if ever you were in a motorcycle accident.  Remember this; your helmet may be the only thing between you, the pavement and a fractured skull.

It is also important that you wear the proper clothes in driving a motorcycle.  Gloves are very important especially if you have sweaty hands as this lessens slipping.  You should also wear a jacket especially if you plan on riding during the daytime as it can protect you from sunburn and skin cancer.  Do not forget the trusty sunglasses to protect you from the sun’s glare.  During the night, it protects you from the cold, minimizing your shivering and allowing you to concentrate more on the bike and on the road.  Boots are also important.

Like any other vehicle, never, drive while intoxicated because it slows down your reflexes.  This will also impair your judgment of curves and in avoiding other cars and people.

Driving a motorcycle, like I stated above, is difficult, and it takes a lot of coordination and skill in handling the steering, accelerating and decelerating of the motorcycle, shifting gears, and braking.  Be a defensive driver, and only drive with utmost care so as not to harm yourself and others.

Make yourself more visible to other automobile drivers by turning your headlights on even during the day (if allowed by traffic laws).  It is also wise if you can use a reflective tape on your helmet or even on the bike itself so that other drivers can easily see you in the dark.

Do regular maintenance of your motorcycle.  Remember, if your motorcycle is in good condition, you can expect a better performance from it.  Before you ride your motorcycle, it is also imperative that you check your brakes, chains and engine first.

For your passenger safety, warn them not to get too near the muffler so as to avoid getting burned.  But more importantly than that, never, ever let a passenger ride if you have not mastered riding a motorcycle yourself yet.  You will not only be jeopardizing yourself but your passenger as well.

Because traffic rules and laws are there to protect people, drivers and passengers alike, make sure that you follow all of them.


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