Three Things That Might Hurt Your Personal Injury Case


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Any Indianapolis personal injury attorney is used to hearing clients ask how much their case is worth and how likely they are to win a settlement from the insurance company. Unfortunately, no two cases are alike and the answers to these questions depend on several factors related to your case such as the size of your medical bills and how much income you have lost. There are other less well-known factors that you might want to be aware of:

Amount of Time Between Your Accident and When You Reported

Even if you had a good reason to wait a while before filing a claim, this will look suspicious to the insurance adjuster and to the jury if your case goes to trial. If you declined to receive medical attention at the scene of the accident but went to the emergency room three days later, you and your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer should have a good reason why. Your case will be even more difficult if your medical report makes no mention of the accident. In general, the earlier you receive medical attention for your injuries, the better.

Your History of Filing Insurance Claims
Claimants who have a lengthy printout from the Index Bureau and a long history of making insurance claims will find it difficult to deal with the insurance company. Insurers are very wary of “professional claimants” who try to abuse the system to get quick pay-outs. If you have a long history of claims, even if legitimate, you may find that the adjuster refers your case to the in-house unit for anti-fraud investigation. To minimize this risk, you and your Indianapolis personal injury attorney should be able to prove that your prior injuries and claims were valid and related to different parts of the body than your current claim.
Medical Report by the First Caregiver
If you saw a doctor, physical therapist or even a psychiatrist following your accident but that record does not make any mention that you were in an accident, the insurance adjuster will be suspicious.

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