Wrongful Denials

Indianapolis personal injury lawyerWhile the hope is that once you are involved in an accident that is not your fault your claim will quickly be resolved, our Indianapolis personal injury lawyer has seen far too often that claims are not handled properly. Your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer can explain the concept of insurance “bad faith” and what it may mean to your claim and level of damages. Here are a few signs that your claim has been improperly denied.

Refusing to Supply You With a Copy of Your Insurance Policy

Part of your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer’s job is to analyze the evidence related to your case. If you have asked for a copy of your policy and the insurance company has refused this reasonable request, it may be acting in bad faith.

Not Citing Relevant Information

One of the first pieces of evidence that your Indianapolis personal injury lawyer will look to is the denial letter. If your denial letter fails to cite specific provisions in your policy, this may be a sign that you are receiving a blanket denial. Additionally, if the letter does not cite facts particular to your case, this may also be an indication of wrongful denial.

Citing Inaccurate Information

Similarly, your Indianapolis personal injury attorney can advise you that another sign of a wrongful denial is if the letter quotes provisions that are not part of your policy.

No Investigation

Another factor that your Indianapolis personal injury attorney may say points to wrongful denial is if the insurance adjuster never meets with you before the denial is issued.

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